DENTISTRY – we do all forms of general dentistry in a patient focused, relaxed and unrushed environment. If you have neglected your teeth up to now, we will not judge you but, will help you re-establish your oral health.

GREAT SMILE / STRAIGHT TEETH – If you would like to improve your smile we can discuss with you the numerous alternatives dentistry has to offer and help you through the pros and cons of the various options. Book a complimentary consultation today to see what would be suitable for you. Got a significant event taking place in your life in the future? Plan your smile improvement for the big day now.

IMPLANTS – are the best way to replace missing teeth and tighten loose dentures. We are fortunate to have Dr Adam Slade as part of the team and he places implants for our patients.

PAIN – Face, head and neck pain. Did you know that the muscles of the jaws can cause a variety of different pains in the face, head, neck and back regions? We have helped a number of people who have suffered various chronic and debilitating pains, including migraine, headaches, earache, eye pain and neck ache. So if you, or someone you know, has been suffering from any of these ailments or if you wake up in the morning with a headache – then contact us for a complimentary consultation and we will let you know if there is possibly a dental cause to these problems.

SLEEP DISORDERED BREATHING – Besides being a nuisance, some types of snoring can cause medical problems. We can help.

FISSURE SEALANTS – Some back teeth have very deep fissures on the biting surface. It is impossible to get the bristles of your toothbrush down into these deep fissures to keep them clean. Food and plaque can stick in them and cause decay.

We can clean out these fissures and seal them, thus preventing plaque stagnation which can lead to decay.

We use a resin to seal the fissures and the new smooth surface is much easier to keep clean.

Sealing lasts for many years and the procedure is painless.

It is ideal for protecting the new permanent teeth in children, especially while they are still developing their brushing skills.

CROWNS / CAPS – A crown is a way of reinforcing your tooth and making it smooth and healthy.

It is a long term answer for any of your teeth which are badly decayed, heavily filled or unsightly.

There are various different types and designs of crown and they may cover all or part of your tooth. We prefer crown designs that preserve as much of your own tooth as possible. These types of crowns are called onlays or overlays.

Crowns are made from gold, tooth coloured porcelain or resin.

The preparation appointment

At this visit we remove all the damaged and decayed parts of your tooth and also any old or broken fillings. The tooth is also shaped to form an ideal base or foundation for the crown. An impression is then taken and sent to the laboratory for manufacture of the crown. We will fit a temporary crown

for you while the permanent one is being made.

The fit appointment

When you return we remove the temporary crown and trial fit the new one. Once we have confirmed that it is a good fit, and that you confirm you are happy with the appearance, we cement or bond it into place.

Once in place we customise it to your bite to make it comfortable.

Which crown is best?

We will involve you in making this decision. The options are gold, porcelain or resin. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

If it is far back in your mouth it is far better to have gold as it is the most bio compatible material and will wear with your other teeth as it has a little “bounce” or give. It will also last the longest.

Porcelain is tooth coloured and can be made to blend with the other teeth. Because it is harder than gold it will wear the opposing tooth in time.

Resin is tooth coloured but much softer than porcelain and so will wear and not last as long as porcelain.


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