The Village Dental Practice Fees for 2022

Dentistry is a bespoke service, so you will receive a personal treatment plan at your initial appointment, which is priced per appointment. To give you a guide here’s a starting from price list.

Examinations and X-rays
New patient £90
0 – 12
13 – 18
X-rays £12
Hygienist from £60
Extraction from £110
Tooth Whitening from £300
Orthodontic Consult 15 min£45
Bite pain Consult 15 min£45
Smile Improvement£45
Fillings (Tooth coloured fillings)
Front teeth from £95
Back teeth from £100
Crowns from £600
Veneers from £550
Implants from £3000
Root canal treatment
Front teeth from £390
Back teeth from £500

How we care for you

We strive to deliver quality of care in an environment that is happy, peaceful and patient focussed.

We empower our patients by involving them in their treatment by education and by the offering of all relevant treatment options.

Our aim is always to help you maintain your oral and dental health to a standard that allows you to get on with your life comfortably and with confidence.

We aim to be good at what we do and to continually improve our service to patients. We are committed to regularly attending continuing education courses, and ensuring that we keep up-to-date with modern techniques. We exceed the legal requirements for Continuing Professional Development.

We will be polite and compassionate when treating you. We will be truthful and honest in our dealings with you, because we want you to be able to trust us to look after you.


Find out what to do in the event of a dental emergency.


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