Professional Teeth Whitening

Treatments: Professional Teeth Whitening

The Village Dental Practice, Clapham, Bedford


Teeth whitening has never been so popular.

We look forward to welcming you to have teeth whitening with the team here at The Village Dental Practice in Clapham.

If you have ever considered having teeth whitening, then now is the time, with spring in the air and summer coming

This is a tray based teeth whitening system.

You will have a consultation with the dentist, who will ensure that you are suitable to have whitening done, if all ok then we will take impressions of your teeth, these are sent to the dental laboratory, and bespoke trays are made for you, you then come back 2 weeks later for your fit appointment, and we will take you through an explanation of how to use your whitening gel in your trays to get the teeth whitening result you are looking for. About 2 weeks later you will have a whiter, brighter smile that you’ll love!

New patient check up = £90 & Teeth whitening = £300

Total cost = £390

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