Treatments: Implants

IMPLANTS – are the best way to replace missing teeth

We are fortunate to have Dr Adam Slade as part of the team and he places implants for our patients.

 Implants with Dr Adam Slade

Adam says: Missing teeth affect how you look and how you eat . For most people missing teeth affect how you feel about yourself which can affect your confidence and interaction with others. Dental implants have been in existence for many many years but only since the 1960’s did they actually become a realistic alternative for replacing missing teeth. Modern dental implants provide a long term, replacement for missing teeth. Completely rigidly fixed in place they provide the foundation for aesthetic, stable restoration of your smile and function of your teeth.

Implant process

The process is very easy and, having placed implants since 1989 I am able to treat even the most complex cases. Everyone is slightly concerned about the unknown and I have many patients who have received implants and are happy to speak to prospective patients to allay their concerns and provide an honest opinion of their experiences. The only condition of speaking to any of my patients about their experiences is that you agree, should you have implant treatment with me, to be on the list for subsequent patients to contact.
Immediate replacement of single or multiple teeth is now possible in most cases. Indeed I frequently use implants to replace a complete set of upper or lower teeth on 4 implants. In most cases it is possible to replace fixed teeth on these implants the same day!!
Treatment is always proceeded by a thorough examination of ALL your dental structures. It is exceptionally important that the planning is comprehensive and not confined to the immediate problem. Implants are used to replace natural teeth and are probably best thought of as a metal root. However unlike natural teeth it is perfectly possible to replace all the upper or lower teeth on as few as 4 implants.
Implants can be used to support or stabilise dentures. The World Health Organisation class complete dentures as a disability and recommend 2 implants are placed in the lower jaw as a recommended treatment to manage this disability
Implants are the nearest thing we have to a replacement tooth though luckily, due to their exceptional performance, it is not necessary to have one per missing tooth and it is possible to replace a complete upper or lower set of teeth on just 4 implants

Your Investment

Your implants are a very long term investment in your dental health, confidence and personal aesthetics. Plan to have your implants done once – properly, I only use the premium implant systems including Biomet, 3i, Nobel Biocare, and Straumann. I also only use titanium implants. Saving a few pounds on a component or brand that is expected to last for so long is a false economy. The implants and immediate super structures can last for tens of years, crowns and bridges attached to implants have life spans commensurate with the same restorations attached to teeth.


As a guide an initial consultation is £160 and replacing a single tooth with an implant and crowned would be from £3,000 . This cost, x-ray, state of the art premium implant, temporary and final crown, expert fitting and aftercare. Multiple missing teeth do not need one implant per tooth to be restored so individual estimates are essential.


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