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Teeth & Tongue

How can Architectural examples of Roman and Gothic arches help us understand straight teeth?

The tongue’s resting posture is the palate, or roof of the mouth. When the tongue rests UP in the palate, the upper arch of teeth is shaped like a Roman Arch.

If the upper teeth are in a Gothic Arch shape, that indicates that the tongue is postured down and not up.
So a Gothic shaped upper dental arch means that the tongue support for the top teeth is not present, resulting in the top teeth getting squashed into a Gothic arch, with resulting tooth crowding.

Myobrace treatment is all about getting the tongue UP in the palate, and this results in the top teeth being aligned in a Roman Arch shape.

And did you know? When the tongue is UP in the mouth it means that you have to breathe through your nose – which by the way is far healthier for you than breathing through your mouth. See Teeth and Breathing.

The clinical photos opposite are of the same patient.
The patient came to us with a Gothic Arch and 3 ½ months into Myobrace treatment you can see her arch shape changing – resulting in her teeth getting straighter as they get less crowded.

Gothic Arch

Gothic arch
Gothic arch
Gothic arch

Roman Arch

Roman arch
Roman arch
Roman arch

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