Teeth & Muscles

The main Muscle involved with straight teeth is the Tongue but other muscles are also involved, namely the –
1. cheek muscles – buccinator
2. chin muscle – Mentalis
3. lip muscles – orbicularis oris
when swallowing these muscles should NOT be used – but many children can be observed using these muscles when they swallow – this is a Dysfunction, and can lead to crooked teeth.
Look at the Cephalometric X-ray opposite-
can you see how the Lower Lip comes right up to the tip of the Upper Central Incisor?

Now imagine if the lower lip muscle were to contract every time this patient swallowed, what effect do you think that would have on the Upper front teeth?

If this were to happen 2-3 times a day – that would be inconsequential BUT we swallow about 2000 times a day. So if a muscle that shouldn’t move when you swallow, now moves about 2000 times a day, with a force of 100-300g (remember it take less than 2g of force, with braces, to move a tooth) against a tooth – what effect is that going to have on an erupting tooth?

Picture it in your mind – before looking at the next picture ….

Watch a video of a child with a dysfunctional swallow:

We have parents jumping off their chair in astonishment when they first see this in their child.

Myobrace Treatment involves helping children overcome their Dysfunctional muscle habits that lead to crooked teeth.
This is done by a series of Activities that our patients are taught. They practice these Activities for about 2 minutes each day until the correct muscle functions become habits.