Early Orthodontic Centre

Myobrace_LogoThe Early Orthodontic Centre is encompassed within The Village Dental Practice early orthodontic treatment is for children and is based in our general dental practice in Clapham, Bedford.

Doug Rider and the team look forward to meeting you and discussing your child’s possible need for early (or pre-) orthodontic treatment. A free Initial Consultation with one of the Myobrace team is available to families to find out more about how the Myobrace System can help your child.

We welcome any enquiries if you’d like to find out more about this new option. The Myobrace System can help your child avoid the need for braces in the future. Treatment is best started when the problem of crooked teeth is first noticed. The ideal time to start treatment is between the ages of 6 – 8 years old.

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Early Ortho Logo (2)The Myobrace system has been available internationally for over 20 years and is now in more than 100 countries. Doug went to Australia in 2014 to learn more about the system and is now an Accredited Myobrace Provider. We and the patients and their families are delighted with the excellent results, the Early Orthodontic Centre is the name we use for the clinics we run at The Village Cental Practice to make this natural form of treatment available to more patients, you can come and find out more about it, just book in to see Candy, Hayley or Sally who can tell you all about it. The centre is very child friendly. We have touch screen TVs, that take children through the step by step, easy to follow Activities. There are loads of great animated videos which teach children to adopt new habits, that are the cornerstone of the Myobrace System of treatment.


Successive Myobrace Appliances are worn for 1 hour a day and overnight while sleeping. They form part of a comprehensive package of treatment and are used alongside Activities which are designed to correct poor myofunctional habits. For example children are taught to breathe through their nose instead of their mouth. The activities are simple, quick and easy for children to learn, and help them correct their incorrect habits. 

Early Orthodontic Centre